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Competitive dancing is particularly beneficial for children, as it improves their posture, sense of rhythm and confidence.

Presentation, social skills, team-work, winning & losing are also invaluable part of DanceSport.

Starting with only one group lesson per week, DanceSport can provide healthy exercise and ability to focus at an affordable cost.

No-one can be certain of an individual’s world-wide success, but even at a local level active competing brings a sense of achievement & satisfaction.

Parents’ influence and support are instrumental in successful development of dancers.

New challenges brought by competitions help a young competitor realise that concentrated effort and discipline lie behind shiny trophies.

In time, talented and dedicated dancers can look into a career in DanceSport.

International competitions, country representation, exciting trips and lots of international friends, these are only some of the benefits offered by competitive dancing.

Future can bring employment in various fields of DanceSport, like coaching, event management, sports psychology, costume and hair & make up design.

At DSGB we make every effort to ensure new young members are encouraged to take up DanceSport, giving a helping hand every step of the way.

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